Eat Smart: Benefits of Eating Avocado for your Brain

February2023 Brain Health blog post

Have you ever felt a serious case of “brain fog” or felt like your brain can’t keep up with even the simplest of tasks? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. While most people understand that things like alcohol consumption, sleep, and stress can drastically affect the “brain fog” feeling, most don’t know that so can your diet!

Lucky for us avocado lovers, avocados are one of the rare foods that contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are exactly what your brain needs to get rid of that pesky “brain fog” feeling. Below we discuss five benefits of eating avocado for your brain.

Reduce High Blood Pressure

Avocados contain monounsaturated fat, and according to Medical News Today eating monounsaturated fats may reduce blood pressure, and high blood pressure is linked with cognitive decline. Thus, by reducing high blood pressure, the unsaturated fats in avocados may lower the risk of cognitive decline.

Neuropreventive agents

According to the National Library of Medicine, research indicates that compounds in avocados are unique antioxidants, preferentially suppressing radical generation, and thus may be promising as effective neuropreventive agents. The diverse array of bioactive nutrients present in avocados plays a pivotal role in the prevention and cure of various neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Brain Development in Adolescence

Avocados are great for a baby’s brain development. It’s full of healthy fat (e.g. from avocado), one of the most important raw materials for a highly functioning and complex brain. Good fat from avocados builds a healthy and intelligent brain, especially during critical stages of development, letting them achieve their full potential.

Neurological Disorders

According to the National Library of Medicine, avocados are also utilized in diets designed for individuals with neurological disorders, like epilepsy, because of the neuroprotective abilities the monounsaturated fatty acids have.

Overall Better Cognitive Function

study published in Frontiers in Nutrition showed that regular consumption of avocados is linked to better cognition.

Despite what we were told during the era of fad diets like the no-fat diet of the early 2000s, the above research tells us that our bodies, and especially our brains rely on healthy fats to function efficiently in our demanding day-to-day lives. Lucky for us, avocados are packed with healthy fats and vital nutrients that will have us solving the daily “wordle” in no time. So enjoy your next ¡Yo Quiero! Original Guacamole or ¡Yo Quiero! Mashed Avocado guilt free!