Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List

You don’t need to have access to specialty stores to have a Whole30 diet success story. There are so many options at Albertsons for Whole30 approved and compliant foods! Especially now, since people are better informed about healthy choices, more options can be found in your local grocery store. It’s SO exciting, and we hope that it makes doing a Whole30 diet feel easier and more realistic for you knowing that you can get ALL OF THESE THINGS at Albertsons!


For those of you who need a bit more background on Whole30, it is a nutritional program that helps you to reset those unhealthy eating habits and cravings, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your gut, and rethink the way you eat food! For 30 days you focus on eating REAL foods, all with natural ingredients you recognize and those healthy foods without ingredients (like fresh produce)!


Albertsons is one of our favorite grocery stores because of the convenience, creative food choices, and friendly staff.

Albertsons is also convenient for busy people. Many of the foods you can purchase are already prepared for you (think riced cauliflower, spiralized veggies, seasoned meat, frozen entrees with minimal ingredients that are ready to be reheated, you get the idea). They even have several healthy snacks, sauces, marinades, etc. that are all Whole30 compliant. Keep reading to explore our Albertsons Whole30 grocery list!


Almost everything in the produce section is Whole30 compliant because you are simply stocking up on vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Keep in mind that salad dressings or sauces will most likely not be compliant (always check your labels).

Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List | Whole30 Veggies & Produce


Not everything in the meat and seafood section will be Whole30 compliant; quite the contrary! Many types of meat have extra additives and sugars that are not compliant. Look for items with just one ingredient, or that do not have processed ingredients.

Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List | Whole30 Meat & Protien


Albertsons has tons and tons of frozen vegetables under their Signature SELECT brand that are Whole30 compliant, and contain nothing but the vegetable themselves. From butternut squash, frozen cauliflower, sweet potatoes, stir fry veggies, it’s all there, and all inexpensive!

Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List | Whole30 Frozen Foods


Sugary beverages and alcohol are completely off limits on Whole30. This also includes any sweetened drinks and “diet” drinks. Coffee and tea are completely fine, without any sugar or sweeteners. For those who are trying to kick a soda addiction, there are plenty of good options. Try sparkling herbal water, or Kombucha without sugar.

Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List | Whole30 Drinks


There are plenty of Whole30 dip and sauce options at Albertsons! Organic Bells marinara sauces and Mina Harissa sauces are compliant. Albertsons also has mayonnaise and salad dressings from Primal Kitchen, along with a variety of guacamole from ¡Yo Quiero! Brands.

Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List | Whole30 Dips & Sauces


Many of your Whole30 pantry staples can also be found at Albertsons, including ghee, almond butter, apple sauce, jerky, fruit & nut bars, avocado oil, coconut flour, and many more.

Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List | Whole30 Pantry Essentials
Albertsons Whole30 Grocery List | Whole30 Snacks

The products and information listed in this post are Whole30 compliant to the best of our knowledge. Visit for a full nutritional guide to ensure the products and food you consume are compliant.


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